Henry & Higby


How do I get started? 

The first step is to reach out to us to set up a complimentary consultation. We will set up time to chat about your project that can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes  so that we can discuss your needs and how we might best work together. Then, if we think that working together might be a fit, we will set up time for an in-person meeting to check our your space after which we will send an proposal and estimate for the work based on that meeting. 

What spaces do you organize? 

We organize paperwork and all spaces/rooms in the home including kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, basements, storage units, garages and attics. 

Why do you work as a team of two?

Based on our experience, we have found that having two people working together on a project is much more efficient and cost effective. Depending on the project, having a team of two on hand, means that we are either working together to get the work done more quickly or we will split up so that one person works with you and the other takes care of donations, folding, etc. This also means that we will be in and out of our house more quickly! However, in certain circumstances, we will send only one person if there is only minimal work to be completed. 

Do I have to be there while you organize?   

No, as long as we have some time with you before we start the project, you don't have to be on-site while we are organizing. We are happy to send emails or texts throughout the day with questions that may arise or even leave homework to be completed at night once we have left your home. 

Do I have to buy organizing products?  

No, it isn't necessary to d

Do you travel outside of New York City? 

We love to travel! If you would like us to travel outside of New York City for a project, let's connect to chat about the specifics. We can be reached at hello@henryandhigby.com and look forward to connecting soon. 

What if I want to do the work myself but I need help figuring out what to do? 

We offer a DIY package for clients that are interested in getting our organizing advice and ideas but want to complete the work themselves. Please reach out to us at hello@henryandhigby to discuss this package offering and how we can best work together.