Henry & Higby


Michelle and Annie met in the fifth grade and became fast friends bonding over a love of tennis and note passing during French class. After spending their college and young adult years in separate cities, they reconnected in New York City and picked up as if no time had passed at all. It was then over a delicious Italian dinner on a snowy winter night that they came up with the idea to start working together and form a company that combined their love of organizing, function and style. That night, Henry & Higby was born. 

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Hometown: Summit, NJ

Current Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights, NY

Alma Mater: Trinity College - Hartford, CT

Past Life: Public Relations

Hobbies: Happy hour, reading memoirs, Bravo

Favorite NYC Watering Hole: Jack the Horse Tavern

Likes: Lattes, long walks, meals with friends 

Dislikes: Loud chewing, slow walkers   


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Current Neighborhood: Chelsea, NY

Alma Mater: University of Texas - Austin, TX

Past Life: Finance

Hobbies: Entertaining with Southern flair, Hiking

Favorite NYC Watering Hole: Dead Rabbit + Bemelman’s Bar 

Likes: Snuggles with son, bodega flowers, winter beach walks

Dislikes: Poor penmanship, bulk buying 

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