Henry & Higby


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Home & Office Organizing

Frustrated by the stuff all around your home or office? We can help you clear the clutter, get organized and teach you how to maintain your clutter-free space after the project is complete. 


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Closet & Space Design

Together we can help design your closet and storage spaces to meet your personal specifications by building out a new space entirely or reworking existing spaces or closets to increase functionality and really maximize the space. 

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Moving Assistance

Take the stress out of moving by letting us handle all of the logistics. We can take care of everything from handling the move logistics, assisting with the pre-move purge and packing and even unpacking and organizing in your new home.


Home Staging

Getting ready to sell your home? We can help get it ready for the market by clearing the clutter and staging your belongings to really showcase the space. We are happy to consult and leave directions or even complete the work ourselves.