Henry & Higby



“Annie and Michelle are miracle workers. They are so pleasant and efficient that they can easily turn a totally cluttered and disorganized room Into a wonderfully organized space. They work fast to remove or reorganize disasters of any size. They are a pleasure to have in your home and far above any level of competency. 5 Star plus.” - Denice R.

“I have loved working with Henry and Higby over the years to organize my moves and set up organization systems in my apartments over the years. For an in-home service as intimate as organizing, there is no team I trust more. I continue to recommend them to anyone who needs help making the most of their space.” - Suzanne R.

“Henry & Higby was a lifesaver when my family moved into our new home. We were going from a condo to a house and needed closet systems throughout. We knew we wanted to do it right from the start to help us stay organized from day one. Annie and Michelle made the process a dream.” - Amy H.

“I just got home, [and I’m'] crying over the transformation!!! You guys are just so special and amazing!” - Rachel K.

"I cannot give enough praise about this company. We are working together and I couldn't be happier nor more satisfied." -Pamela F. 


"We retained Henry & Higby to help us downsize from a large home to a much smaller NYC apartment.  They helped us purge unwanted items and organize every bit of our storage; from kitchen to bath to personal clothing, they designed and organized a fantastic system in just two days!!!   This review does not do justice to the life changing organization they provided us. -Mary S. 


"Annie and Michelle met and surpassed my expectations. They are very professional and managed to organize my mess in a very efficient and creative way. I would recommend them in a heartbeat." -Annabella E. 


"Michelle and Annie helped my clients organize and declutter their apartment prior to putting it on the market for sale, and they did a wonderful job that will make a huge difference in my client's bottom line. They were thorough and accurate on pricing, and both myself and my clients were impressed with their work!"  -Sean B. 


"Annie and Michelle are amazing at what they do - they organized and streamlined all of my belongings after I had just moved into my new apartment. They were thoughtful, efficient, and made sure to personalize the closet systems to my life - plus they are super sweet and fun to work with. I recommend them a thousand times over." -Kat S. 


"Michelle and Annie exceeded my expectations in every way. I was in desperate need of help with my apartment which was literally busting at the seams. They were very thoughtful and creative in their approach to organizing my things and creating systems that I am now able to maintain...I highly recommend Henry & Higby!!"  -Amy S. 


"Henry & Higby were lifesavers! They transformed our messy office/kitchen counter, and presented ideas that I never would have thought of myself. And on top of that, they were efficient and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend them enough! A great investment."  -Carrie Beth G. 


"Michelle and Annie work with speed, efficiency, care and respect and the net result is our space and my head are clear! I can see surfaces. Everything has its place and nothing is fussy or odd. It all makes sense. Thanks Henry & Higby; I am sending you everyone!"  -Mimosa G. 


"Henry & Higby doubled the size of my pantry. I had no idea I could utilize the space that way and fit so many other items in there. They seemed to magically create space where I could find none."  -Jennifer W. 


"I just got home and am literally speechless. [Your work] is so amazing, I could cry! You are beyond talented. This is life changing organization. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  -Mathew D.