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Get Moving: Tips for Moving with a Pet

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Henry & Higby Moving with Pets

We have talked about the stress of moving in the past but we haven’t touched on the stress of moving on our four legged friends. Our often silent companions can get quite unhingedduring the moving process and since they are relatively silent partners in the process, it is important to not forget consideration when you are plotting out the move schedule. 

If you have a pet and plan on moving soon, here are a few tips for helping to make the transition as smooth as possible. Happy Organizing!

Open First Box: To ensure a successful first night for your pets, make sure that you pack an “open first” box with all of their essentials as a last step on move day. From food and snacks to toys and beds, make sure that you have all of their favorites set aside so they can easily be set up in the new place to welcome them home. 

Away from the Fray: Since the process of moving can be very stressful on your pets, take care to keep them away from the action during the actual move day. Ideally they would stay at a kennel or even with friends and family for the day but the idea is to keep them out of the chaos. 

Safe Zone: If having them out of the house isn’t an option, make sure to find a quiet area for them to rest in whether that is an empty room in indoors or a safe outside area where they can stay for the duration. If this spot is in the new home, try to set up that room first with items from their open first box so that they have some of their favorite things around them. 

Stick with the Schedule: Regardless of where your pets are during the move, try to stick with their schedule as much as possible. This will give them a sense of continuity throughout the moving process.

Medical Records: If you are moving out of the area, you should take steps before the move to find a vet near your new home. One way to find a new place is to ask your current vet if they have a recommendation and while you are at it you can also request your pet’s records and any prescription medications so that you have copies for your new doctor. 

Change of Address: Before you even move, get a new set of tags for their collar with your new address and set a reminder in your calendar after move-in day to update your pet’s microchip information.

Same Old Smells: Once your pet arrives to their new home, make sure and have an unwashed article of clothing that has your scent on it and place it on their bed or in their crate in your new home. They will feel comforted to know you are with them as well in the new space. 

How did you make the move easier for your pets? 

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