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Tips for Getting Organized

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Yesterday was one of those days where nothing went quite right. We all need a little help sometimes - right?  So, in anticipation of the "not quite right" days that are bound to be ahead, we have a few seemingly random ways you can get more organized now. 

Reap Your Rewards: Stay on top of your rewards cards game with your phone. We love Apple Wallet because it is already on our phones but also because it stores our loyalty cards, reward cards and even boarding passes, tickets and debit/credit cards making it easy to use on the go. Other good phone options include FiveStars and Key Ring. However, if you are old school and like using the actual cards, try putting all of your cards on a separate key ring. That way you don’t have to dig through your bag or wallet for missing cards because they are all in one place. 

Zip it Up: Plastic storage bags are one of our favorite secret weapons. We use the small bags to hold everything from craft supplies and batteries to nails and screws in our tool box. Bagging like items together makes it easier to pull out the right item when you need it and it keeps things neat. You can also use the larger plastic storage bags for seasonal decor or entertaining supplies. Try putting away sets of disposable cutlery, straws and napkins in larger labeled zip bags to pull out when you are entertaining or heading out for a picnic. We create these sets using leftover supplies from parties so we are always ready to spruce up a table or head out for a fun meal outside. 

Gather Paperwork: Binders aren’t just for kids. We use them at home to store paperwork related to school and family, warranties and appliance manuals (old and new) or even printed online recipes. If you are anything like us, you also like to work from a printed copy so you can write notes on it. 

Create a Home Base: Make space in a central closet, pantry or laundry room to create a home base for all of your household items such as lightbulbs, batteries, tool kits, etc. By keeping these items together, you can keep track of your stock (and therefore know when you need to replenish it). An added bonus is that your family will know where to go when they need something.

What tricks do you have for staying organized?